Saturday, May 15, 2004

Jeremy Tick's "Resume"

Because I was somewhat fascinated by how deceitful Jeremy Tick is, I've pieced together his employment history. Below is Jeremy Tick's resume I found, pieced together with his resume I found on that there are still gaps and dubious dates of employment...the glaring one being the one at John Hancock -- he claims he was at Skidmore College until 1998, yet he's also claiming he started working at John Hancock in March, 1997. It would be one thing if the college was in the same town as John Hancock, but, as you likely know, Skidmore College is in Saratoga Springs, NY...I am going to venture a guess that he only went to Skidmore between 1995 and 1997 at most.

Also, he's obviously not going to include them on a resume, but other places I know he's worked are: Cohen's Fashion Opticals (both in Boston and in New York), Gateway Diner (Albany, NY), and other random restaurants here and there as a waiter (like the Village Den, a diner, and L'Express, a French Bistro on Park Avenue South). The Gateway Diner accounts for the gap in 2001. I'm not sure when exactly he worked at Cohen's Fashion Opticals in Boston, it could be either: before he was supposedly at John Hancock, which would further shorten his tenure at Skidmore; after he claims he'd begun working for John Hancock in March, 1997, shortening his stay at John Hancock; or during the time to account for the gap in early 1999. The last option seems least likely, since I'm also aware he was a temp at both Vogue and at Ralph Lauren at one point through United Staffing -- I'm not sure where all that would fit in.

Details aside, what does matter is this singular, undeniable fact: in the time between 1997 and 2001, he had worked at a total minimum of TEN different employers (John Hancock; Cohen's Fashion Opticals, Boston; Vogue; Ralph Lauren; Dean & Deluca;; AIG; Prudential; R. Models; and Gateway Diner). And in the less than three years since 2001, he has worked for seven companies -- he'd been with FUEL new york, the Village Den, L'Express, Gateway Diner (where he worked prior to FUEL new york as well), V Models (which I'll get to later on...), Cohen's Fashion Opticals in Manhattan, and now at Satchi Model Management/SVM. In other words, he has worked for a minimum of FIFTEEN different companies in the course of roughly seven years -- sixteen if you count the two different branches of Cohen's Fashion Opticals separately, seventeen if you count the two separate instances of working for Gateway Diner individually. And those are only the companies I'm aware of!

It's one thing to have so many employers in such a limited time period if one is simply seeking income to support oneself while pursuing other goals, as in the case of many of my colleagues who are actors/models/artists/musicians (...yet, even among them, I don't know of anyone who has had that many different employers in that short a time period). However, as will be made evident in my chronological account, such is not the case with Jeremy Tick. Again, I'm not going to venture guesses as to why he has had so many different employers, but these are simple facts.

As a reference, here's what he claims, all in his own words, from his resume and on

10/2001 - Present
FUEL New York
Agent/Managing Partner
Responsible to scout, develop, and market fashion models in New York and International Fashion Markets
Manage daily sales efforts of full service model agency
Coordination of test shoots, relocation, placement efforts, trafficking, and overall management of daily activities for 20 models
Manage all marketing and publicity activity through use of grass roots/guerilla media outreach

(note: he'd left to go to Albany during this time, to work at Gateway Diner. Also note that, given the fact he was ineligible for unemployment insurance in December 2001, whose relatively lax requirement is that an individual work full-time for any six month period within the previous 18 months, he was either not on a full-time salary with R Models or is completely falsifying this record and potentially the tenure as a temp with Adecco Staffing as well)

12/2000 - 7/2001
R. Models
Responsible to scout, develop, and market new talent while managing the daily activities of a full service talent agency.
Managed all public communications, publicity, marketing activity, client relations, and talent bookings.
Directed placement efforts, coordination of test shoots, photography selection; sourced alternate means of income for individuals in pursuit of modeling as a career.

5/2000 - 12/2000
Adecco Staffing
Temporary Associate
Acting Assistant to Director of Executive Development, Prudential Securities
Special Assistant to Director Human Resources, AIG Insurance - hired to develop and coordinate annual divisional outing (450 attendees)

11/1999 - 5/2000
Marketing/Merchandising Associate
Worked with VP of Marketing to develop brand image through selection of copy and imagery, management of online partnerships and development of supporting product.
 Responsible to develop product that would "communicate and facilitate romance" for high net worth, aspirational males aged 35 – 50. Responsible for all aspects, from concept to development to execution.

4/1999 - 11/1999
Dean & DeLuca
Marketing Associate
Supported the management of the Corporate Brand and Mission Statement through development and implementation of traditional and grass roots marketing initiatives.
Managed corporate communication efforts, including press relations, marketing activities, product placement, sponsorships, online affiliations, and customer service scripts. Represented Company interest at industry related functions.
Liaison between catalog, e-commerce, and retail management teams to ensure consistency in product offerings, promotional efforts, and professional affiliations.

(note: somewhere during this gap is where I would have to guess he'd worked for both Vogue and Ralph Lauren, through a temp Agency)

3/1997 – 11/1998
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance:
Senior IGP Assistant:
Supported Senior Vice President in the solicitation and initiation of new members into the John Hancock International Group Program, a multi-national pooling of insurance risk.
Responsible for all communication efforts for the John Hancock IGP program to its Western European and Asian client base. Tasks included drafting of all written correspondence, outbound client service calls, direction and distribution of annual and bi-annual reports. Provided account service as necessary.

Broker Relations Analyst:
Provided extensive costumer support, performing account maintenance, resolving service issues, performing market updates, minor financial planning, and marketing funds to prospective buyers.

(note: somewhere during this period is when he'd worked for Cohen's Fashion Opticals in Boston)

EDUCATION: Skidmore College US-New York-Saratoga Springs
Some College Coursework Completed

(note: how is it that his college coursework at Skidmore, located in Saratoga Springs, NY, could overlap with his work history with John Hancock in Boston, MA? I don't believe remote education was in place as of yet at that time, so it is most likely he is being untruthful either in his educational history or in the length of his tenure at Hancock.)

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