Monday, May 03, 2004

Prelude to Jeremy Tick...Hail Jeremy Tick!

Jeremy Tick...what a piece of work. I guess the best way to demonstrate how he would certainly make an excellent study for the psychiatric community is to start from the day that I got introduced to him.

Which would be the year 2001. What a year that was -- I was working for Andersen Consulting at the time, after they'd just won the big lawsuit with its former parent company, Arthur Andersen. Although bitter about the fact that Andersen Consulting (which became Accenture as part of the settlement) lost its box seats to all the hockey games to Arthur Andersen, I was happy to be there as Accenture was gearing for its IPO. I'd received a fair share of grants as I'd been hired in laterally at a relatively high position.

Then came September.

I was letting a friend of mine's little brother, J. Harry Edmiston (whose sister, Pandora is gorgeous, btw, and was best friends through tennis camp with a high school friend of mine, Teru Bower...Harry has since been working on an interesting project, the British Luxury Council) stay with me for the summer. He came running into the apartment yelling: "the Twin Towers are gone!" I had no idea what he was talking about, but given his sense of urgency, I turned the TV on. I don't necessarily know if I want to go into the tragedy of that day and how it has affected the city and myself here, since I don't believe I can do its magnitude any justice.

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