Sunday, March 27, 2005


It is a pity that my only update to this blog in nearly a year was in the form of my last post, when my general, present sentiment of events related to FUEL new york has been that it was an educational, interesting experience, with numerous humorous and sometimes not-so-humorous incidents.

I sincerely believe that it was the case of good, noble intentions (both on my and even Jeremy Tick's behalf) gone terribly wrong due to several key mistakes, poor decisions, and misfortune. However, when things did go awry, despite the many much less strenuous exit options otherwise available, including providing excuses for myself and denying responsibility; running away from the massive problem; or immediate closure of the company, absolving all parties of any outstanding debts, I'd proactively sought to resolve the issues at hand. I’d corrected the problems, despite the fact that I myself was due several thousand dollars as well and despite the fact the wrongdoing itself was not my own doing -- the latter fact confirmed by all parties who were due money that were fully aware that I was not the cause of the predicament.

Although I am not content with the fact I had any association with the situation itself, I am happy with the way in which I’d dealt with it. Even if portions of the experience itself may have been forgettable at best, I know that the lessons learned will not be soon forgotten, and I appreciate the good people around me that much more, the good people I may have taken for granted otherwise.

For those reasons, I will continue to strongly recommend being aware of key warning signs before getting into a similar situation, warning signs I may or may not continue to discuss on this blog -- there is no reason other good people need to learn the lessons the hard way, and my sincere hope is that good people will never find themselves in a similar situation.

With that said, Happy Easter, Passover, and Ostern Day -- may Spring and the coming days bring to you all the good things you truly deserve!

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