Saturday, May 08, 2004

December 2001

Where was I? Oh yeah, December 2001...

Other background info of the time: I'd just finished the placement services courses provided thanks to Accenture, and although the pickings were still slim, I was beginning to get referred to some opportunities. Siebel was interested, but because the opening was in Tokyo, I told them I would have to think on it. It worked out ok, as the holidays were approaching, and Geofferey Dallas, my main point of contact, told me that we could touch base first thing in the new year.

Also, although I had received a decent severance from Accenture (three months base salary, remainder of the bonus, and I was able to retain the Accenture stock granted during the IPO), because of 911, I was able to receive extended unemployment as well -- rather than the standard six months, for that year, it was extended to nine months. Unfortunately, there is a weekly payout maximum cap of $405 (otherwise, the unemployment is half of the income during the maximum quarterly income during a 12 or 18 month period). I wouldn't say I was living comfortably, but I wasn't doing too badly without work. I knew that I would also be receiving a sizable tax refund that year given that I worked mostly out of my own apartment for Accenture -- in February of 2002, I'd received about $7,000 in refunds. All of this, in conjunction with about $12,000 in line of credit, amounted to about $45,000 (mostly tax free) I would have at my disposal in the coming time even if I were not to earn a dime. (That amount is aside what little my investments in the market had come down to at the time...)



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