Saturday, May 08, 2004

The move revisited and other discoveries...

The move itself was rather comical. Because we were strained for time, and because we had no boxes to put everything in, we'd packed everything into huge, black, plastic garbage bags. Because we were pressed for time, which meant we didn't have time to reserve a Ryder/U-HAUL truck, we moved everything using limousines. So, if you will, imagine one December evening, a fleet of black limousines pulling up to a small building on a side street of New York City, and one white Jewish kid, an Asian kid, and a black girl carrying huge black plastic garbage bags filled with who-knows-what into a basement door (the apartment is a basement apartment), you get the picture.

Half of my entire apartment was filled with these bags, and we were off. We'd spent the majority of Christmas 2001 unpacking and sorting through the massive amount of crap. Getting rid of anything irrelevant, and then separating Shareef Jenkins' personal belongings from core essentials for the business we would need. It was during this process we would discover that Shareef Jenkins' only legitimate job was at a Gap store and also at In retrospect, Jeremy Tick told me something about having met Shareef Jenkins through an NYU fashion show or that he had met Shareef Jenkins when he'd scouted someone he knew, but I am venturing a guess that is probably where the two met, as I became aware later on that Jeremy Tick was "employed" there as well.

Irregardless, other things we found included disciplinary letters from when Shareef Jenkins worked at the Gap, along with his defense statement, and a strong indication that Shareef Jenkins was using the model agency as a front to satisfy his libido and his desire to be plugged into the nightlife. Once we were done with the sorting, I packaged all of Shareef Jenkins' belongings and put them into storage, informing Shareef that his belongings could be picked up there...I'm not certain he ever did, as I'd kept on receiving bills from the storage company -- I'd stopped paying for the storage after the first two months. I'm horrified by the thought that when they did go into the space to auction the items off, they'd found and assumed that all of the gay photography and paraphernalia were actually my belongings...just a funny sidebar in the whole scheme of things...

We also took this opportunity to look at all of the models on the board to see what we would need to do, and at this juncture, I put my faith in Jeremy Tick to wean out models we would not represent. In the whole, I do believe he did a fair job given the state of the board at the time, and at this point, we'd pared down the 30+ models down to about 10-15. I'd updated the FUEL models web site accordingly, using a slow, grainy scanner to scan all of the images in (I believe the machine was a Brother MFC 3100C -- it was the same fax/printer/scanner I'd bought several months before for the agency). This process took well into the New Year to complete.

During this time, we'd also managed to pull out some important contact information for the industry, and we'd begun scanning and manually inputting these into Outlook contacts. It was a painfully slow, tedious work. We did take a break to go to Mac Premo's apartment for the New Year's Eve celebration, which was a very low-key, relaxed NYE -- the streets were quieter than I'd ever seen -- given its proximity in time to the events of 911, a lot of people opted to stay low-key. Whatever the case, 2002, here we come...!

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