Saturday, May 15, 2004

Stand Your Ground / Jeremy Tick's Twisted Psyche

I guess were I writing all of this out for some type of a literary format, I would have left a lot of these unpleasant surprises down the road just as I'd discovered them. But it's just that there were so many red flags from the very onset that I CHOSE to ignore, and that is the main reason I was angry with myself. Obviously, everything is much more obvious in hindsight, but...

Another personal quality of mine that was often deemed highly in my professional past that was taken advantage of by these self-serving idiots is my tendency to be a devil's advocate -- always seeking a balanced perspective before drawing any type of conclusions. As much as I did notice many of these red flags along the way, I had proactively rationalized or justified reasons on their behalf.

This proved to be my downfall ultimately, when Jeremy Tick and I'd parted ways -- I'd spent quite some time coming to understand his perspective, which apparently made Jeremy Tick feel even more justified in his actions solely because I understood intellectually his motivations, and he couldn't understand, nor did he bother to spend much time in attempting to understand, my rationale. Needless to say, my rationale would be considered closer to that of common sense, as verified by many who have had the similar displeasure of having worked with him or gotten to know him, yet, as one put it aptly, you cannot discuss things rationally with someone who "is a figment of his own imagination" such is the case with Jeremy Tick.

Unfortunately, as I'd come to discover again with another individual, as unique an instance as I thought he may be, I have come to encounter another character of a similar psychological constitution that I am beginning to suspect that there may be others like those -- which is why I have really begun to appreciate all people I have encountered in the past who are not of this ilk. Thankfully, people unlike Jeremy Tick are in the bountiful, for the sake of all humanity. (Knowing him, he'll probably take that as a compliment, as testimony to his "uniqueness"...)

Nevertheless, another important lesson I did walk away with from my dealings with Jeremy Tick was [Lesson Number 5: as prudent as it may be to always try to have a balanced opinion, always know what your stance is, and your stance should take your own motivations and benefits as the main account -- unfortunately, when dealing with certain people, you are the only person that is looking out for your own interest.]. It seems like common sense, but, putting aside your own ambitions and desires for the common good of the group of otherwise isn't exactly a common trait, I'd come to learn.

With that said, I'm fairly certain that, were Jeremy Tick to somehow discover my ramblings here, he would be flattered in some twisted sort of way, flattered by the fact I would spend the time and energy into jotting down these thoughts...however, as obvious as it is to anyone aside himself, stroking his ego is hardly the motivation I am writing these thoughts out -- it is mostly for my own exercise, and also as a precautionary note to whomever that may encounter this shady character. He managed to fool me through his charm and twisted psychology, despite the general opinion that I am a fairly intelligent being, albeit too generous for my own good at times.

Obviously, there are two or more sides to every coin of the truth -- but most of what I am laying out here are hard facts, and areas that are vague to me, I have left it explicitly clear as only estimations...

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