Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The "discovery" and the move

In other words, we realized then that the money from Shawna McBean's campaign wasn't used for rent or other necessary expenses, and the most likely scenario is that Shareef used the money to pay for cocaine. We knew all along he had a bit of a cocaine problem (Jeremy Tick later mentioned that Shareef had tried to push cocaine onto Jeremy Tick's little brother, Gabriel). We explain the situation to the landlord and manage to appease the landlord, but this is where I made another mistake out of generosity. As part of the agreement, FUEL had to vacate the premises immediately. Which meant that Jeremy Tick would no longer have a place to stay in the city. Another big mistake I'd made was allowing this idiot into my own apartment. BIG mistake.

Given the circumstance, I'd also agreed to let the belongings of FUEL into my apartment as well. In this move process, I brought back a decent amount of belongings into my apartment first so that I could also begin vacating some space within the apartment to allow for the extra luggage that was to arrive soon after. In this process, despite my specific instruction on several occasions to bring my TV/VCR back as well, Jeremy Tick manages to leave it behind. It is the only thing he leaves behind. Were it an innocent mistake, and were he to have taken responsibility and initiative in order to correct the issue, it would have been fine. Yet, I actually had to tell him to try to get the TV/VCR back several times. He never recovered the TV/VCR. I might as well as begin the counter now: material loss solely because of his neglect or actions so far = $350

After we move all of the things into my apartment and we settle a bit, we have a discussion to see what to do with FUEL itself. Jeremy Tick assures me on several occasions that we would be making well into six-figures by the end of the year. Because of this conviction on his end, we agree to move forward with the agency, and I agree to let him and the agency remain in my apartment, because he was confident we would be out of the apartment within a matter of a few months. I also arrange a meeting with Steve Kleiner, my financial advisor, at UBS to begin planning for tax shelters for the income we would be generating. We meet several times, and each time, Jeremy Tick assures both myself and Steve that "we will make easily into six-figures." "At least."

[Lesson number one: never believe what you hear, especially with someone whom you suspect has ulterior motives.]

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